Boost Productivity and Retention with Financial Education

In today's competitive landscape, financial literacy can be the key to unlocking your workforce's full potential to increase your company’s bottom line. Elevate productivity and boost morale by attracting and retaining top talent with tailored financial education solutions.


Financial stress could be costing your business thousands of dollars per employee each year.

Money worries are the biggest source of stress for Canadians and chances are many of your employees are struggling with their finances.

For businesses, employee financial stress can lead to…

More absences & sick leave

Increased turnover

Lack of focus & poor decision making

Poor working relationships

Lower productivity

Lower morale & engagement

Our tailored financial education programs are designed to equip your team with the financial know-how and tools they need to thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

Meet the demands of today's ambitious young professionals

Reduce employee financial distress

Studies show that companies that implement financial education programs…

Boost employee engagement

Reduce direct costs associated with low levels of financial wellness

5 in 10

Admit that financial stress affects their performance at work.

Financially stressed employees are 5 times more likely to be distracted at work.


Are interested in financial education programs in the workplace.


Sources: Canadian Payroll Association & PricewaterhouseCoopers

Empowering Canadians Nationwide

Our expert team will collaborate with you to tailor a program that meets your unique needs and the needs of your employees. Best of all, our sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule, typically taking just half a day to deliver.

Our program is available:



In English & French


Topics we cover

Budgeting Basics

Financial Goal Setting

Understanding Credit

Debt Management

Investment Fundamentals

Portfolio Diversification

FinTech Tools

Tax Efficiency Strategies

Homeownership Readiness

Family Financial Planning

Retirement Readiness

Estate Planning Basics

Meet Brandon, our founder

Brandon holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy and has over 20 years of combined experience working in the Canadian financial services industry and designing and facilitating training and education workshops. With a focus on empowering individuals at every stage of their financial journey, Brandon has helped thousands of Canadians achieve their financial goals, from high net worth individuals to everyday savers.

Did you know?

Your investment in employee training may be tax deductible. We advise consulting with your CFO, accountant, or tax advisor for personalized guidance.


We believe in giving back to the community.

We believe everyone deserves access to financial education, no matter who they are. By partnering with us, you're not just investing in your team's financial future – you're fostering a more inclusive workplace culture.

We're committed to diversity and inclusion, which is why we will donate 5% of your investment in your employees to Egale, Canada’s leading organization for LGBTQI2S people and issues.

Join us in making a difference – let's build a brighter financial future together!

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